You need a voice, an advocate, a paraclete.

You need us.
Our work is an ART.
Please accept this as our humble effort to introduce ourselves and our success.  

We are seasoned attorneys with 36+ successful, consecutive years of clinical experience.

We are trained and experienced ADVOCATES.
We base our opinions, positions  and actions on what works.

Our knowledge of the law, litigation experience and powers of persuasion are tools that work for you - anywhere in the United States.
Tax Controversy Representation
Other Financial/Investment Losses & Litigation
Business & Estate Planning & Management
Referred to us?  You know what we do...
We Win!
We insulate you.

We stand against big institutions, government enforcement agencies and other opponents that
will try to bully you, out wait you or manipulate circumstances to your distinct disadvantage.
We have the credentials, the clinical experience,
the talent & loyalty you want & need.

We SUCCEED where others have FAILED.
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