The reality is, the final RESULT in any IRS dispute is dramatically - compelling influenced
by our ADVOCACY.
We are trained, deeply experienced tax controversy attorneys.  We are advocates.  The resources we bring to these matters not only include, but go far
beyond what other attorneys, accountants, paid return preparers and financial planners and investment analysts can bring.
We have 34+ consecutive SUCCESSFUL YEARS OF CLINICAL EXPERIENCE as advocates for taxpayers in distress.
That’s why we’re here.  We challenge the IRS. In fact, in cases of that kind we've SUCCESSFULLY convinced the IRS that it was wrong, that the payments
were not income.And would be UNFAIR for it to collect the tax that was due and that it should permanently waive the delinquencies. So, isn't it time you talk
to us? There is so much at risk.
How it deals with issues regarding some Michigan No Fault Law Benefits is a prime example. The truth is, the IRS wants that money and it won’t unilaterally
give it back. Consider 1st Party Benefit Payments that are dedicated to pay for an injured person’s attendant care. The IRS can erroneously decide that
those payments are income and as such subject to being taxes.  Now, imagine how much tax can be  improperly collected each year - let alone over 5, 10
or 20 successive years.
The IRS collects taxes from taxpayers who may have the legal duty to pay because an
area of the law is not settled or policy may not be uniformly applied.
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