Get help as early as possible. Investigations alone can cripple you business & destroy you financially - even if formal charges are not brought
later. Understand, criminal fraud or evasion is a conscious, meaning deliberate effort to defeat the authority of the government to collect the tax
that is you or other representatives, inaccurate financial and banking documents, straw man transactions, obtaining loan funds under false
pretense, sham transactions, etc. Sure, criminal fraud or evasion convictions cannot be based on your neglect or ignorance, but that doesn't
mean that there isn't a risk that the government won't misinterpret what it sees, that it won't inappropriately reach a conclusion that would
devastate you, your family and your business.

Further, understand that the federal government, state government and local taxing authorities can decide to investigate a taxpayer and
subsequently pursue criminal charges, each on their own accord and regardless of whether the other(s) decide not to.  The same is true for
government agencies and tax return problems not considered criminal could stimulate investigation and/or criminal charges in other regards.  
Such problems for example are common to disclosures made by a taxpayer to banks or other financial institutions/agencies and courts,
especially bankruptcy or receivership courts, as compared to disclosures made in connection with tax matters and tax returns.

CIVIL FRAUD LIABILITY -  The government must satisfy a very high burden of proof in order to support this penalty.  But if it does, the amount
of the penalty could be 75%.  Also, there is the risk of whiplash from such a determination and that could expose you to future audits and
review, more aggressive enforcement action and problems with your banking and insurance relations.  Criminal or Civil, fraud risks cannot be
taken lightly.
Criminal Fraud & Evasion, Investigations & Accusations, & Civil Liability Challenges
Tax Crisis : Business or Personal
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